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  • MarketingFOMO's Digital Marketing News 🔭 [May 6, 2024]

MarketingFOMO's Digital Marketing News 🔭 [May 6, 2024]

Don't miss any worthy digital marketing news, resources & jobs


Your Digital Marketing News
[May 6, 2024]

Let’s go through the latest in digital marketing news, resources, tools, and jobs…

👍 Social

LinkedIn Lead Generation: 7 Best Practices to Grow Customers
Sydney Go 
Learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn with tips for connecting and engaging with your target audience.

16 Of The Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2024
Alex Macura
Start a career in social media marketing with the right course. Enhance your skills, gain credibility, and position yourself as a serious candidate.

Unlocking Secrets: The Best Times to Post on Instagram for Maximum Engagement
Irina Zeleneva
Irina shares how you can optimize your posting schedule for maximum engagement, and find the best day to post on Instagram.

Publishers not ready to change social media strategies as TikTok ban looms
Sara Guaglione
Though the TikTok ban looks like it might actually happen sometime next year, execs from publications that have built followings and businesses on the platform, aren’t concerned.

📣 Ads

Google Ads To Automatically Pause Low-Activity Keywords
Matt G. Southern
Google Ads will automatically pause inactive keywords starting in June. Advertisers can unpause paused keywords if needed.

Google adds 6 new AI features for Performance Max
Danny Goodwin
New PMax features include Customer Value mode, customer retention goal, detailed demographics, budget pacing insights and more.

Top 5 paid search B2B lead gen strategies for 2024
Andrew Wirtz 
Generate more B2B leads from your PPC campaigns by leveraging hyper-personalization, ABM, video and interactive content, and AI automation.

How to overcome the top 3 objections to YouTube video ads
Pauline Jakober
Don't let budget constraints, past failures or lack of know-how stop you from taking advantage of YouTube video advertising.

How Small Businesses Can Use AI To Create And Measure Ads [Interview With Ex-Googler Logan Welbaum]
Greg Jarboe
Find out how small businesses can use AI to create and measure ads. Explore the key strategies for ad success with insights from Logan Wellbaum.

📝 Content Marketing

Content Planning for Social Media in 8 Steps [2024 Guide]
Michelle Martin, Colleen Christison
Content planning is more than scheduling. Run your accounts like a well-oiled machine with a strategic social media content plan. Learn how here.

Content Curation in 2024: Everything You Need To Know
Colleen Christison
Content curation is more than sharing. It’s about finding the best content your audience wants so that they keep coming back — to you.

Wix SEO Hub

This new addition to Wix’s SEO Learning Hub is packed with free resources, created by top SEOs in the game. The topics they cover range from backlink monitoring to creating SEO project proposals for potential clients, and a whole lot more.

These downloadable checklists, templates, and toolkits let you develop smoother SEO processes and ramp up productivity—on any project.

Each resource can be customized for specific tasks and shared with teammates and clients for more effective collaboration.

😎 Creators & Influencers

After years of caution, pharma advertisers are embracing influencer marketing
Sam Bradley
Pharma clients used to be wary of the creator economy. Why are they now throwing caution to the wind?

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