What’s MarketingFOMO?

MarketingFOMO is a weekly newsletter sent on Mondays to +2K subscribers and growing fast after just a few months of launch, with the latest and best news, resources, tools, and jobs in Digital Marketing to keep marketers easily updated on what’s really important in the industry.

MarketingFOMO was born as the sister newsletter of SEOFOMO —one of the best-known newsletters in SEO with +30,000 subscribers—, with the goal to bring you the latest (non-SEO) digital marketing news, resources, tools, and jobs; from content marketing, influencer marketing, digital PR, social media, online advertising, and more; to keep you updated and avoid the FOMO.

Feedback & Sponsorships?

If you want to give me any heads up on worthy digital marketing resources to include next week, or want to be featured, to sponsor, or any other feedback regarding MarketingFOMO, just send me a message over here.

Please be mindful that MarketingFOMO reserves the right to feature only what it’s identified to be highly relevant, valuable, and newsworthy to maximize its quality.

MarketingFOMO has been created by Aleyda Solis, SEO consultant, speaker, and author. Follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Aleyda Solis