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  • MarketingFOMO's Digital Marketing News 🔭 [June 24, 2024]

MarketingFOMO's Digital Marketing News 🔭 [June 24, 2024]

Don't miss any worthy digital marketing news, resources & jobs


Your Digital Marketing News
[June 24, 2024]

Let’s go through the latest in digital marketing news, resources, tools, and jobs…

👍 Social

Meta Announcements at Cannes Lions 2024: Introducing AI Chatbots, Messaging Tools, & Threads API
Nicola Mendelsohn
Meta is introducing three products to help businesses grow, better engage on Threads, and unlock creativity.

The Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2024 Explained
Hannah Macready
Hannah analyzed thousands of Facebook posts from businesses of all sizes to find the ultimate best times to post on Facebook.

Selling On Instagram: How To Boost Your Sales Today
Irina Zeleneva
Irina shares advice to tailor your content and posting schedule to reach your target audience and sell on Instagram at the right time.

📣 Ads

Reddit launches revamped conversation ads at Cannes 2024
Reem Makari 
Reddit introduced a revised version of conversation ads on its platform at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival.

Instacart expands shoppable ads to YouTube
Anu Adegbola
Instacart enables select brand partners to convert YouTube viewers directly into Instacart shoppers for same-day delivery through shoppable video ads.

Amazon Ads in 2024: Maximizing Sponsored Brands campaigns
Evan Facinger
Learn about Amazon’s latest advertising features and strategies to boost your brand visibility and drive sales on the platform.

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost in 2024? [SOLVED]
Michelle Martin
How much do Facebook ads really cost? Read on for 2024 benchmarks and tips to get the most out of any budget.

📝 Content Marketing

AI took their jobs. Now they get paid to make it sound human
Thomas Germain
If you're worried about how AI will affect your job, the world of copywriters may offer a glimpse of the future.

8 Secrets to Crafting Blog Post Titles That Will Set the Internet Ablaze
Darren Rowse
Discover 8 free and easy tips for crafting stunning blog post titles that captivate readers and boost your content's reach.

I Tried Out the 8 Best Free Headline Analyzers — Here Are My Results
Laura M. Browning
Laura tested and rated eight free headline analyzers to help you pick the best one for your needs.

The Essential Guide to Content Curation
Tamilore Oladipo
In this guide, Tamilore has collected some ways to get started with content curation and to do so as efficiently and expertly as possible.

Screaming Frog - SEO Spider Update 20

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Version 20.0 is now available 🐸 New features include:

  • Custom JavaScript Snippets: Execute custom JavaScript during crawls to manipulate pages, extract data, and communicate with APIs, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

  • Crawl with ChatGPT, Google Gemini, etc.: Use OpenAI’s API to generate alt text, meta descriptions, and more while crawling.

  • Mobile Usability: Audit mobile usability at scale with Lighthouse integration, identifying common issues like viewport settings and tap target sizes.

  • N-grams Analysis: Analyse phrase frequency to improve on-page alignment, identify keyword gaps, and find internal linking opportunities.

  • Carbon Footprint: Automatically calculate and rate the carbon emissions of each page to promote a more sustainable web.

And much more. Check our release notes for a full list!

😎 Creators & Influencers

Post Performance Report: Brand collabs that are more than the sum of their parts
Aubree Smith
Brand partnerships are being revitalized with the help of social listening and the voice of the customer's social media data.

How to become an influencer and start making money
Shriya Bhattacharya
Social media apps like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have created new ways to make money. Shriya goes through how to get started as an influencer.

UAE: Social media influencers seek more clarity on new licensing rules
Nasreen Abdulla, Ruqayya Al Qaydi, SM Ayaz Zakir
Starting July 1, social media influencers and establishments without a license will be penalized for up to Dh 10,000 and continued violation may even lead to the closure of the companies.

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