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  • MarketingFOMO's Digital Marketing News 🔭 [June 17, 2024]

MarketingFOMO's Digital Marketing News 🔭 [June 17, 2024]

Don't miss any worthy digital marketing news, resources & jobs


Your Digital Marketing News
[June 17, 2024]

Let’s go through the latest in digital marketing news, resources, tools, and jobs…

👍 Social

LinkedIn drops user targeting based on Groups data
Anu Adegbola
LinkedIn has stopped allowing advertisers to target users in Europe based on Groups data to comply with the EU's Digital Services Act.

What is Social Media Marketing? The Short and the Long of It
Hannah Macready
This complete guide will help you get started with social media marketing and follow the right best practices from day one.

8 ways customers interact and engage with your brand on social
Kimberlee Meier
Sprout Social researched the most popular ways customers interact with brands to help you create a winning social media interaction strategy.

While Meta, X step back from publishers, TikTok sees them as an opportunity
Krystal Scanlon and Sara Guaglione
While it’s still early days, TikTok is at the very least showing its intention toward publishers, by making them more of a priority and increasing monetization opportunities.

📣 Ads

Google Ad Manager Launches Programmatic Email Ads
Armando Roggio
Google Ad Manager has quietly published documentation for a beta version of an advertising tag for email newsletters.

2024 Guide to X (Twitter) Ads: Specs, Cost, and Tips
Christina Newberry
This complete guide by Christina covers all the specs you need to know for running X ads in 2024, plus how to start your first campaign.

Google, Meta, TikTok & others agree to improve age assurance for alcohol advertising
Kendra Barnett
Leading digital platforms have agreed to strengthen their posture against alcohol-related marketing to underage users.

Pinterest launches AI ad tools
Anu Adegbola
Pinterest is rolling out new AI-powered ad tools and measurement partnerships to drive better performance and brand safety for advertisers.

📝 Content Marketing

Content Marketing Is Hard for SaaS Companies. Here’s How to Do It Right
Harry Mackin
Don’t neglect upper and mid-funnel educational content and embrace the specific with long-tail keywords. Harry goes through best practices for SaaS companies. 

Website Pages Don’t Need to Explain What Something Is
Adam Riemer
Blog posts, product pages, and categories do not need to explain what XYZ is. That makes your content non-user-friendly. Try this instead.

B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Outlook for 2024 [Research]
Stephanie Stahl
Creating standards, guidelines, processes, and workflows for content marketing is not the sexiest job. But setting standards is the only way to know if you can improve anything. Here are some of the top research insights to help you do it.

GA4 Lessons and Tactics One Year Later

Unlock the true power of your website data. You’re invited to a live webinar, hosted by Wix, where leading growth strategists will demystify GA4 with the latest strategies and must-know features.

😎 Creators & Influencers

What is influencer marketing: An influencer strategy guide for 2024
Annette Chacko
Learn about the evolving world of influencer marketing in this guide from understanding the types of influencers to crafting effective strategies.

I Tested 9 Popular AI Image Generators. Here’s the Scoop for Marketers
Ramona Sukhraj
What's the best AI image generator to use for your marketing? Ramona tested some of the best AI for images to find out.

12 Content Curation Tools for Every Creator and Marketer
Tamilore Oladipo
In this article, Tamilore explore some of the best content curation tools available and why every creator and marketer should have them in their toolkit.

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