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  • Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [September 18, 2023]

Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [September 18, 2023]

Don't miss any worthy digital marketing news, resources & jobs

MarketingFOMO September 18, 2023 Edition

Let’s go through the latest in content marketing, online advertising, social media, ecommerce, analytics, conversion, and more in digital marketing news, resources, tools, and jobs…

📝 Content Marketing

The Three Pillars Of Content Marketing Strategy
​Robert Rose
Unlock success with core content marketing pillars: communication, experiences, and operations. Learn how these pillars drive an effective strategy.

How to Make AI Your Writing Sidekick for Content Marketing
​Tasmin Lofthouse
Tasmin shares actionable tips on how to make AI your content marketing sidekick. Optimize every step of the process, from generating ideas to crafting headlines and simplifying your writing.

How publishers can regain traffic and revenue with affiliate marketing
​Adam Riemer
Here's how better affiliate and content strategies can help media companies recover from lost traffic while boosting profitability.

📣 Ads

Google Ads enhanced conversions and first-party data
Andrew Wirtz
Learn how to set up Enhanced Conversions, move to a smart bidding strategy and set targets ROAS and target bids.

Suspended Google Ads advertisers may be required to pass advertiser verification
Barry Schwartz
This policy kicks in on October 10, 2023 and will impact some advertisers.

YouTube Announces AI-Powered Creative Guidance In Google Ads
Kristi Hines
Find out how creative guidance in Google Ads and other AI-powered features can help advertisers optimize video assets and video ad campaigns.

Target ROAS in Google Ads: 5 key considerations
George Prodanov
Learn the key factors to consider when evaluating this Google Ads value-based bidding strategy for your business.

👍 Social

TikTok Shop Officially Launches In The US
Kristi Hines
With integrations to Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and other leading ecommerce platforms, is TikTok Shop the future of social commerce?

17+ Tips To Help Your Brand Ride Today’s Social Media Roller Coaster
Ann Gynn
Given all the changes in the social media landscape recently, how should you update your social media strategy? Does it even need to be changed?

How to Create a Social Media Report [Free Template Included]
Stacey McLachlan
A comprehensive social media report proves the value of your social marketing plan. It shows what you've accomplished, backed up by data.

💡 Organic Traffic Industry Benchmarks

Organic Traffic Industry Benchmarks

Are you lagging behind the competition?

Comparing your website’s organic performance to the latest SEO industry benchmarks is a great way to see how you measure up and helps contextualize YTD data and adapt to hit your numbers for the year!

💸 ECommerce

Amazon Launches Generative AI Tool To Generate Listing Content
Kristi Hines
Sellers can streamline the product listing process with Amazon's latest generative AI features to generate listing content.

9 Amazon reviews best practices to boost sales and trust
Evan Facinger
Amazon reviews are critical for sellers. Learn the best practices to help gain an advantage while staying compliant with Amazon's policies.

Ecommerce marketing next year: 5 ways to set up for success
Becky Simms
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Here are some ecommerce tips that can have an immediate impact, as well as in the upcoming year.

6 Types of Ecommerce: Business Models, Marketing, and More
Review models for doing business online and marketing strategies to help build brand awareness and trust as an ecommerce.

📊 Measurement & Conversions

How Do I Hide The User’s IP Address In SGTM But Still Get Geo Data In GA4?
Simo Ahava
In this article, you'll learn how to override the user's IP address with a generic IP address from their country. This can be done with the help of a Transformation in server-side Google Tag Manager.

Understanding user behavior: Using web analytics to improve UX
Jeffrey Meehan
Unlock UX Potential: Harness Web Analytics for Enhanced User Experience on Your Website.


What’s new with the Google helpful content update
​Barry Schwartz
​​Now that Google has released the September 2023 helpful content update, Barry digs in to see what is new in its search documentation and what has changed with the Google helpful content system.

​HowTo and FAQ Rich Results Deprecated On Desktop Results As Well
​Google Search Central
​"As of September 13, Google Search no longer shows How-to rich results on desktop, which means this result type is now deprecated."

​A 6-minute process to diagnose E-E-A-T issues
​​Andrew Holland
​In a future filled with E-E-A-T and AI, SEO will be less about doing and (possibly) more about directing. Andrew explains why.

💼 Digital Marketing Jobs

Do you want to feature a digital marketing job here? Just send it to me over here.

⚒️ Free Tools

​Ahrefs SEO Toolbar: Get a handy SEO assistant for your browser
​Instant on-page SEO report, broken link checker, redirect tracer, and local search simulator - all in Ahrefs SEO Toolbar for free.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Experts to Follow

​Follow these amazing SEOs who just spoke at BrightonSEO:

Expect more awesome digital marketers to follow every week. Do you have any suggestions? Please let me know over Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Two Accesses to Dana DiTomaso's Analytics for Agencies Online Course

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💎 Feedback & Sponsorships?

If you want to give me any heads up on worthy digital marketing resources to include next week, or want to be featured, to sponsor, or any other feedback regarding MarketingFomo, just send me a message over here.

That’s a lot of digital marketing for this week! Until the next one, with another edition of MarketingFomo 🔭 

Aleyda Solis - SEO Consultant

Aleyda Solis
SEO Consultant & Wrapper of MarketingFomo and SEOFOMO 
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