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  • Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [May 22, 2023]

Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [May 22, 2023]

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MarketingFOMO May 22 2023 Edition

📝 Content Marketing

Your New KPIs to Gauge Content Quality
Amanda Natividad
Amanda explains why you don't need a keyword research for an effective content strategy and how some KPIs help you gauge content quality.

5 Tips to Make Your Content More Accessible & Inclusive
Katelyn Drake
Accessibility and inclusion should not be an afterthought but a fundamental aspect of your content creation strategy. Here are key areas to consider while crafting marketing content for your B2B brand that is both accessible and inclusive.

5 tips for balancing ‘push’ and ‘pull’ in content marketing
Michael Brenner
Learn the difference between promoting engagement and pushing sales in your content and how to do them right.

📣 Ads

How Much Should PPC Management Cost?
Navah Hopkins
PPC vendor payment schemes are not one size fits all. What should you expect when it comes to the level of support and expertise? Take a look at Navah’s response.

Amazon PPC Ads: What are Sponsored Brands?
Denny Smolinski
Originally named Headline Search Ads, amazon sponsored brands or brand ads (SBAs) often feature branding, brand store logo, and a custom headline. Here’s all that you need to know about them.

YouTube to offer unskippable 30-second ads on connected TV
Danny Goodwin
Non-skippable ads are coming to YouTube Select on connected TVs. This means that viewers will see one 30-second ad instead of two consecutive 15-second ads.

👍 Social

Meta hit with record-breaking $1.3 billion fine over Facebook data transfers to the US
James Vincent
The fine is the largest of its kind and accompanies an order to stop data transfers to the US. The case stems back to 2013 and revelations about US mass surveillance.

How to Use Instagram Guides for More Visibility
Anna Sonnenberg
Want more exposure on Instagram? Have you considered curating Instagram guides? In this article, you’ll discover how to create Instagram guides that people love and return to regularly.

The 2023 Guide to Social Media Reputation Management
Rob Glover
Social media reputation management isn’t about controlling the narrative — it's about listening, learning from feedback, and responding in a way that builds trust in your brand.

A beginner’s guide to social media marketing tools
Michael Patterson
The right social media marketing tools make a big difference. And without the right social media marketing tools, your social strategy may fall flat before given the chance. Learn the fundamentals about them in this comprehensive guide.

💡 The Ultimate Guide to SEO Reporting to the C-Suite

Struggling to increase the visibility of SEO among your executive team? You’re not alone.

It's a challenge SEOs have been dealing with since forever.

That’s why we’ve put together your new go-to SEO reporting resource that describes the do's and don'ts and all of the metrics to cover.

And you know the best thing? We even built an SEO Reporting deck that you can use right away!

💸 ECommerce

Ecommerce UX Design: An Aggregation of Online Stores Best UX Practices
Ecommerce UX Design
Get useful pointers on ecommerce user experience, tablet interfaces, mobile UX, responsive design, holiday banners, email design and more.

The TikTok-ification of Ecommerce — What is Next For Online Shoppers?
Tyler Metcalf
TikTok and social commerce have taken over the online shopping experience, and the U.S. is just catching on.

The best ecommerce checkouts in 2023
Take a look at the most popular ecommerce checkout page options in the market to identify the best for you.

📊 Conversion Optimization & Measurement

How to Setup GA4 (Tutorial)
Dana DiTomaso
In this video and comprehensive text guide, Dana shows how to set up GA4 with the basics, from creating a property to adding an event.

New Button in the Explore Funnel Reports in GA4! [Thread]
Brie E Anderson
Brie shares there’s a new option in GA4 that allows you to save an Exploration as a Report in the Library. Check it out.  

Conversion Optimization for PPC: Delivering On The Promise From Ad To Landing Page [Podcast]
Loren Baker, Navah Hopkins
Navah delves into the crucial journey from ad to landing pageant and shares strategies and techniques to help you deliver on the promise made in your advertisements.

An In Depth Guide To Preferred Landing Pages: Build, Market And Test
Level343 Team
Preferred landing pages can be a waste of money or a great return on investment. The difference is what you do with them.


A New LearningSEO.io Design: A Free SEO Learning Roadmap with Reliable Resources
New design, more intuitive navigation across the now clickable SEO roadmap, refreshed free reliable resources, FAQs, and much more.

Google-InspectionTool - The New Google Crawler for Google Testing Tools
Barry Schwartz
Google has added a new Google crawler to its list, this one is used for testing tools you use in Search Console or other Google properties.

Google Bard Adds Genuine Citations in Response and More Concise Summaries
Barry Schwartz
Google Bard has added classic and more genuine citations to the answers it provides and also is able to provide better summarization.

SEO Recommendations Execution Issues + What to Do for Success in 2023
Aleyda Solis​
Learn about the key SEO execution challenges and issues shared in the SEOFOMO SEO Auditing Survey and the different ways to tackle them to win SEO processes now.

💡 Master SEO Basics with a free course from Ahrefs

Spend two hours of your time and take your SEO knowledge to the next level. Ahrefs’ SEO Beginner course will teach you how to properly do keyword research, on-page SEO, and link building to rank higher in search engines.

💼 Marketing Jobs

Do you want to feature a digital marketing job here? Just send it to me over here.

⚒️ Free Marketing Tools

Product copy generator (with Notion AI)​
PM Optimizer
Create product descriptions in no time. This extremely simple framework makes ideation of product descriptions fast and easy.

Damn Good Tools
Quickly test your website for popular screen dimensions.

Summarize any URL
Damn Good Tools
Quickly summarize any website or URL.

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