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Your Digital Marketing News with #MarketingFOMO 🔭 [May 1st, 2023]

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The May 1st 2023 Edition of #MarketingFOMO 🔭 is here

📝 Content Marketing

Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior: The Law Of Effect And Its Impact On Purchasing Decisions
Gabriella Sannino
Learn about buyer psychology, the Law of Effect, and how your content has a direct impact on consumer buying behavior.

How to create a guide that is optimized, useful and comprehensive
Julia McCoy
Use these tips and examples to create useful guides that build trust with your audience and earn search traffic.

ChatGPT and Generative AI in Content Marketing: Reality, Hype, What's Next, and How to Prepare
Ross Simmonds
There's no question that AI has already started to have a meaningful impact on organizations that create content every single day. In this video, Ross shares how our workflows, processes, and content creation will positively evolve thanks to AI.

What marketers need to know about ‘Generation Zennial,’ from social media to buying habits
Antoinette Siu
Marketers may be overlooking a generation of consumers that are neither millennials nor Gen Z. “Generation Zennial,” or those born between 1995 and 2005. Here’s all you need to know about them.

📣 Ads

Alphabet Q1 2023 Earnings: Slower Search Growth, YouTube Downturn
Matt G. Southern
Alphabet’s search revenue experienced a modest 1.87% year-over-year increase in Q1 2023, significantly lower than the 24.28% jump in Q1 2022 and the 30.11% increase in Q1 2021.

Meta’s ad revenue up 4% in Q1
Nicole Farley
Meta’s ad revenue increased by about 4.1% in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the year-earlier period.

Facebook Ad Systems Error Causes Significant Overspend on Many Accounts
Andrew Hutchinson
Many Facebook advertisers were shocked, with a bug in Meta’s ad delivery system causing significant overspend on a range of accounts.

5 new changes to the Google Ads API
Nicole Farley
Google released the v13_1 of the Ads API. In order to use some of the v13_1 features, users will need to update their client libraries and client code. There are no breaking changes in this version.

YouTube Unveils AI-Powered Music Ads To Connect With Gen Z
Matt G. Southern
YouTube unveils AI-powered ad solutions targeting Gen Z's diverse music preferences on long-form and Shorts formats.

How to uncover the root cause of PPC performance changes
Joseph Kerschbaum
Here's how PPC managers can embrace root cause analysis to mitigate performance issues and get things back on track.

👍 Social

How To Become A Social Media Manager
Jon Clark
Want to be a social media manager? It requires a diverse set of skills. The best social media managers will have a combination of these 10 skills.

6 Tips to Protect Your Brand From Fake Social Media Accounts
Christina Newberry
Fake social media accounts imitate your brand to confuse potential followers and the public. Here's how to protect your business and followers from fraudsters.

A quick guide to managing your online reputation
Erin Jones
Learn best practices for managing your online reputation so you can set your brand up for success both online and in the real world.

LinkedIn content analytics: What it is and how to use it
Victoria Shepherd
Want to create LinkedIn posts that resonate with your audience? Here's how to use LinkedIn analytics to boost your content performance.

Maximizing Your Social Media Strategy: The Top Aggregator Tools to Use
Daniel Doan
Creating and managing content is more challenging than ever. With so many channels, keeping track of all of your posts can be cumbersome. Enter social media aggregators.

💡 The Ultimate Guide to SEO Reporting to the C-Suite

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Reporting to the C-Suite

Struggling to increase the visibility of SEO among your executive team? You’re not alone. Reporting on SEO to the C-suite is a challenge for even the most seasoned SEOs. That’s why we’ve put together your new go-to SEO reporting resource.

Check out our Executive-Level SEO Reporting Guide to learn:

  1. How to keep your report concise, credible, & compelling

  2. The top do’s and don’ts of SEO reporting to execs

  3. 8 effective ways to communicate SEO results

💸 ECommerce

TikTok Shop: Social Commerce For Brands And Influencers
Kristi Hines
TikTok invited select users in the United States to an early testing phase of TikTok Shop. It includes an affiliate marketplace, connecting brands to influencers who can help them sell to their target customers.

8 Experts On Ecommerce Messaging Trends In 2023
Jonas van de Poel
How is this field of communication changing in 2023? Jonas asked some subject matter experts to give their opinions on what’s next for ecommerce messaging this year.

Transforming Ecommerce With Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Shameem Smillie
Ecommerce thrives as artificial intelligence and machine learning redefine the shopping experience, boosting efficiency and personalization.

📊 Measurement & CRO

Google UA historical data will be available until July 1, 2024
Nicole Farley
Turndown is also the same date for standard and 360 properties.

The GA4 Reporting System: Features and Weaknesses [Infographic]
Iñaki Huerta
GA4 has so many reporting possibilities that it is difficult to understand them all. This table will help you know which tool to use for which report/extraction.

SUNSET - A GA4 Parody Trailer
Move over "The Last of Us" – it's time for a new post-apocalyptic series. Watch "Sunset". It's about a family migrating to Google Analytics 4.


​The SEO Strategy Stack
​Adam Gent
​Adam discusses the problem with SEO strategies and presents the SEO Strategy Stack, its components, its benefits, and the differences between good, bad, and misaligned strategies.

​Keyword research essentials for local SEO
​Celeste Gonzalez
Learn about the differences between traditional and local keyword research from Celeste, and how to identify high-value keywords for your local SEO process.

​Bing Chat Reduces Disengagement By Over 3X For Most Egregious Category
​Barry Schwartz
​Microsoft has reduced the number of disengagements in Bing Chat by over three times for its most egregious category, said Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Microsoft Bing.

💡 Master SEO Basics with a free course from Ahrefs

Spend two hours of your time and take your SEO knowledge to the next level. Ahrefs’ SEO Beginner course will teach you how to properly do keyword research, on-page SEO, and link building to rank higher in search engines.

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tl;dv - AI-Powered Meeting Recorder for Zoom and Google Meet
The meeting recorder that transcribes & summarizes your calls with customers, prospects, and your team; powered by GPT.

​Copymate - Innovative AI-Powered SEO Content Generator
​Copymate is your ultimate solution to effortlessly create dozens of high-quality, long-term and SEO optimized articles in record time.

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