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  • Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [May 15, 2023]

Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [May 15, 2023]

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MarketingFOMO May 15 2023 Edition

📝 Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategies: Digital Marketing For Traffic And Leads
Level343 Team
Learn about the crucial elements of content marketing that your business needs and much more in this comprehensive guide.

How To Write A High Converting 6 Email Sales Funnel [With Examples]
Talia Wolf
From the welcome to helper email, learn about the different types of emails you need to grow your sales funnel.

Guest Posting In 2023: 15 Tips To Increase Your Brand Awareness
Ron Lieback
Forget about the link value and focus on building your brand instead. Guest posts can be invaluable from an overall marketing and brand perspective

Guide to Content Marketing for Small Businesses
Lisa Anthony
Content marketing materials play a major role in the development of brand awareness in small businesses. Learn how to make the most out of content from email marketing to social media platforms.

How Can Companies Use ChatGPT for Content Marketing?
Entrepreneur Staff
Learn how ChatGPT is revolutionizing content creation and discover how it can enhance your content marketing efforts.

📣 Ads

What ads look like in the new Google Search Generative Experience
Barry Schwartz
Advertisers won't be able to track how ads perform in the new Google while it's experimental.

Meta Announces AI-Powered Tools To Streamline Ad Processes
Kristi Hines
Get a glimpse into the future of advertising as Meta announces AI-based tools to streamline campaigns and enhance business performance.

YouTube wants users to stop using ad blockers
Danny Goodwin
YouTube wants people using ad blockers to allow YouTube Ads, so the platform is experimenting with a new way to restrict video content.

👍 Social

Meta Tests Views-Based Creator Payments to Compete With TikTok
Alex Barinka
Meta Platforms Inc. is giving Facebook and Instagram creators a way to make money based on how many people view their videos, in a bid to boost the appeal of its content and lure users from rival TikTok.

Former ByteDance exec claims company used bots to inflate TikTok engagement
Karissa Bell
A former ByteDance executive has alleged TikTok’s owner used bots and stolen content to inflate the app’s engagement.

The Complete Guide to Marketing Real Estate on Social Media
Hannah Macready
These social media real estate tips will help you become an unstoppable lead-generating machine.

How much social media managers really get paid
Matt Navarra
Spoiler: It sucks.

💡 The Ultimate Guide to SEO Reporting to the C-Suite

Struggling to increase the visibility of SEO among your executive team? You’re not alone.

It's a challenge SEOs have been dealing with since forever.

That’s why we’ve put together your new go-to SEO reporting resource that describes the do's and don'ts and all of the metrics to cover.

And you know the best thing? We even built an SEO Reporting deck that you can use right away!

💸 ECommerce

Tofu, Mofu, Bofu Marketing for Ecommerce Stores
Felix Rose-Collins
Explore how to use content and links to target different stages of the sales funnel – bottom, middle, and top – and discuss the right strategies for scaling your e-commerce business.

AI Ecommerce Prompts: How to Use ChatGPT as a Free Product Description Generator
Chris Barrish
Follow these step-by-step instructions to build ChatGPT prompts for ecommerce product copy.

Digital wallets win over ecommerce shoppers
Patti Murphy
In the United States, digital wallets ranked tops in terms of ecommerce values (32 percent), according to the FIS report. Learn more about their usage in ecommerce transactions here.

📊 Conversion Optimization & Measurement

How To Use Your Website Data To See If Your Buyer’s Journey Really Works [New Template]
Kiera Wiatrak
You craft a funnel to take visitors from an introduction to conversion. But does your content actually do that? Kiera created a Looker Studio template to help you visualize funnel impact of your content marketing initiatives.

How To Exclude Internal Traffic In Google Analytics 4
Vahan Petrosyan
Google Analytics 4 is rolling out in a rush. Here's your guide to navigate filtering out data you don't need for better accuracy.

Google Analytics 4 Event Tracking: How To Get Set Up
Vahan Petrosyan
Google Analytics (GA4) events tracking can be challenging to set up compared to UA – we've got you covered with this comprehensive guide.

Tableau GPT brings generative AI to Salesforce data analytics suite
Anirban Ghoshal
Salesforce’s business intelligence updates include Tableau GPT for natural language queries, Tableau Pulse for automated analytics, and integration with Data Cloud.


Google Announcement: Supercharging Search with Generative AI
​​Elizabeth Reid
​Google announces their next steps in a new era of Search that leverages generative AI capabilities, and how you can first try these new features in Search Labs.

​​Learn From Others’ Experiences With More Perspectives on Search
Lauren Clark
Google is also adding new ways to find and explore diverse perspectives on Search with a new "Perspectives" filter at the top of search results to help you learn from the experience of other people.”

How to Hire a Link Building Agency: A Step-by-Step Guide
Jenny Abouobaia
​With so many agencies claiming to be the best in the business, it can be challenging to know who’s legit. In this article, Jenny looks at how to hire a link building agency, including the qualities and red flags to look out for.

🤩 Other Marketing Awesomeness

How to Get More Email Subscribers With 12 Proven Tactics
​​Lily Ugbaja
​From testing content upgrades and lead magnets to newsletter cross-promotion, learn about 12 proven tactics to grow your newsletter in this guide from Lily.

💡 Master SEO Basics with a free course from Ahrefs

Spend two hours of your time and take your SEO knowledge to the next level. Ahrefs’ SEO Beginner course will teach you how to properly do keyword research, on-page SEO, and link building to rank higher in search engines.

💼 Marketing Jobs

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⚒️ Free Marketing Tools

GpTea - The Best ChatGPT Prompts Station and AI Community
Discover tons of ChatGPT prompts and join a thriving AI community at GpTea - the ultimate prompt station.

Be the first to know when your desired Twitter handle is available.

Databerry - Build ChatGPT Agents trained on your custom data
Databerry offers a no-code platform to create custom AI chatbots trained on your data.

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