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  • Your Digital Marketing News with #MarketingFOMO 🔭 [Mar 6th, 2023]

Your Digital Marketing News with #MarketingFOMO 🔭 [Mar 6th, 2023]

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The March 6th 2023 Edition of #MarketingFOMO 🔭 is here

Latest News

📝 Content Marketing

Content Marketing Goals: How Many & Which Ones
Mateusz Makosiewicz
Mateusz explains why he doesn’t agree with the typical advice about setting 5 to 10 content marketing goals that you can hit separately with different types of content, and what to do instead.

How to Write a Case Study (That Actually Closes Deals)
Ryan Law
Here are five advanced ways to improve the persuasiveness of your next customer case study.

CNET is Doing Big Layoffs Just Weeks After AI-generated Stories Came To Light
Mia Sato
The cuts come from Red Ventures, the private equity-backed media company that bought CNET in 2020.

Why AI Isn’t Replacing Our Jobs — Or Search Engines — According to Jasper’s Head of Enterprise Marketing
Caroline Forsey
“AI Augments The Human Experience — but It Doesn't Replace the Human Within That Experience.”

📣 Ads

Google Introduces AI-Powered Search Ads
Matt G. Southern
Google Ads’ new features of automatically created assets and customer acquisition goals can benefit marketers by enhancing the relevance of their ads. These updates are set to be released in the upcoming weeks.

How to transition away from Google Ads similar audience segments
Chelsea So
Learn how to maintain or improve your performance in Google Ads and prepare for the removal of these high-quality audiences.

New Analytics user access management changes in Google Ads
Nicole Farley
The new cross-product access management tool will allow easy creation and application of audiences from GA4 to Google Ads.

👍 Social

Jack Dorsey’s New 'Decentralized' Twitter Hits the App Store
Nikki Main
Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey released the Beta test of the Bluesky social media app, but it's still invite-only.

Social Media Planner: How To Plan Your Quarter (With Template)
Jason Hennessey
Need help with your social content? In this article, you'll find a social media planner template for Google Sheets, plus some handy tips.

With Snapchat and Meta’s new tools, generative AI enters the social media space
Marty Swant
With Snapchat and Meta both recently debuting new artificial intelligence capabilities, social media’s race to incorporate generative AI is gaining traction.

2023 Influencer Compensation Report
Andrew Evans
With layoffs in tech and threats of a recession, Intellifluence wanted to revisit the topic to see how things have changed in terms of how influencers are looking to be compensated. Take a look at the report.

How Do You Know If A Social App Will Be A "Hit?” [Thread]
Bryan Kim
Predicting what goes mainstream - and what stalls out - might seem random. But after years of leading growth Snap and investing in consumer social at a16z, Bryan has found early signs of huge products that he shares in this thread.

💸 ECommerce

Actually, Ecommerce Excelled in 2022
Marcia Kaplan
Despite inflation and supply chain worries, 2022 was a terrific year for ecommerce in the U.S., with revenue exceeding $1 trillion for the first time.

7 Proven Strategies for Launching a Successful Ecommerce Business
Christina-Lauren Pollack
To help get your ecommerce business off the ground and running, here are seven proven strategies for launching it.

How Apparel Brands Can Drive eCommerce Sales During an Economic Downturn
Five strategies your apparel brand can deploy to help drive eCommerce sales and salvage what growth 2023 has to offer.

The Keys for Ecommerce SEO Success for 2023
Aleyda Solis
​Learn how to maximize your ecommerce organic search opportunities in 2023 focusing on 3 key areas for online stores: creating content that aligns with users’ intent, leveraging product search features, and avoiding common ecommerce SEO bugs.

📊 Measurement & CRO

Norway takes a stance against Google Analytics
Carlo Cilento
In a still-pending complaint, the Norwegian data protection authority (Datatilsynet) reached the preliminary conclusion that “the use of Google Analytics was in violation of the GDPR's transfer rules.” The authority expects to adopt a final decision “at the earliest in late April.”

Regex in GA4 Reports Works Very Differently Than in Universal Analytics [Thread]
Charles Farina
Most users in GA3 would search for: google|bing. In GA4 you have to search for: .*(google|bing).*

How to Stop Auto Migrating Your Universal Analytics Properties to GA4 For You [Thread]
Krista Seiden
Google is about to start auto-migrating your Universal Analytics properties to GA4 for you. But You actually don’t want to do this, for many many reasons. Read on for more details about it and how to opt out.


January 2023 Google SEO office hours: Will Disavowing Links Make My Site Rank Better?
​Google SEO Office Hours
​Check out the transcript of the January 2023 edition of the Google SEO Office Hours, in which Googlers answer questions about lastmod in sitemaps, spammy links being bad for rankings, removing a staging subdomain from Google index, disavowing links making a site rank better, and more!

Google execs tell employees in testy all-hands meeting that Bard A.I. isn’t just about search
​​Jennifer Elias
"I just want to be very clear: Bard is not search... it’s an experiment that’s a collaborative AI service that we talked about... the magic that we’re finding in using the product is really around being this creative companion to helping you be the sparkplug for imagination, explore your curiosity, etc.”

​The State of AI and SEO [Survey]
​​iPullRank, MarketMuse
​SEO and Content teams are figuring out AI generation in earnest and developing workflows for integrating it into their organizations. Let's see how by taking this survey.

Marketing Jobs

Free Tools

Notion AI Is Here, For Everyone
You can leverage the power of AI right inside Notion, across all your existing docs and projects, without jumping between your work and a separate AI-powered tool. You’ll get 20 free AI responses per member in your workspace. Promotion ends April 5, 2023.

SERP snippet preview tool
Fill in the form or enter a URL, and preview how your page could look in search results.

Privacy-first Web Analytics with SEAL Metrics

Track 100% of conversions & traffic without tracking people. NO cookies, NO digital fingerprinting Analytics. Legal Peace of Mind.

SEAL Metrics™️ is a Cookieless Tracking Solution for Marketing teams who need to see all conversions per source, campaign, medium, keyword to optimize their campaigns.

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