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  • Your Digital Marketing News with #MarketingFOMO 🔭 [Mar 20, 2023]

Your Digital Marketing News with #MarketingFOMO 🔭 [Mar 20, 2023]

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The March 20 2023 Edition of #MarketingFOMO 🔭 is here

Latest News

📝 Content Marketing

Prompts for communicators using the new AI-powered Bing
Frank X. Shaw
From media interview prep to headline generation. Frank from Bing shares some starter prompts to ask Bing, which have helped him and his communication team in their work over the past few weeks.

Why Marketers Should Follow Their Audiences, Not Predict the Future
Rand Fishkin
Unless you’re a marketer who also designs the product, you don’t need to predict the future. You can (and should) instead, follow your audience. What does that mean? Rand explains here.

Maybe You Need a Fractional Marketing Director — Not a Fractional CMO
Amanda Natividad
Amanda discusses the downsides of hiring a fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and the advantages of having a fractional marketing director instead.

How Can You Add 1'000 High-Quality Subscribers To Your Newsletter In 10 Days, Guaranteed? [Thread]
Louis Nicholls
From starting with newsletter swaps and recommendations to running giveaways or a referral program, Louis goes through different ways to get to 1K newsletter subscribers fast.

📣 Ads

Microsoft Ads broad match modifier keywords now serving ad broad match
Nicole Farley
Starting on March 15, Microsoft Advertising has changed the way broad match modifier (BMM) keywords are served for search ads. No action is needed from advertisers at this point.

How To Build A SaaS PPC Campaign That’s Built To Last
Jonathan Befort
There's no perfect solution for PPC campaigns for SaaS. However, check out these recommendations to ensure your account is built to last.

Why Facebook advertisers should test Performance Max
Menachem Ani
With more levers to ensure brand safety and profitable ad spend, it's a great time for DTC brands to test Performance Max. Here's how.

👍 Social

Meta's paid verification program goes live in the US
Kris Holt
You can now buy blue check marks for Facebook and Instagram for $12 per month.

Twitter Adds Tweet Bookmark Count to Details View
Andrew Hutchinson
You’ll now have even more metrics added to the lower line of your tweet, so that you can see total retweets, total quote tweets, total likes, and total bookmarks.

YouTube Studio rolls out podcast support and tools for Creators
Abner Li
Ahead of podcasts coming to YouTube Music, YouTube Studio has rolled out the necessary support and Creator tools for it.

TikTok’s plan to stave off government intervention: Flood D.C. with influencers
Hailey Fuchs
The social media app is under intense scrutiny right now. Can their personalities help turn it around?

💸 ECommerce

Study: Klaviyo, Text Messaging Drive DTC Ecommerce
Armando Roggio
Klaviyo’s text messaging service was surprisingly popular in an anecdotal study of 50 direct-to-consumer brands.

Facebook’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns: Are they worth the ecommerce hype?
Curt Malyi
Select ecommerce and retail advertisers can now run Advantage+ shopping campaigns. Here's the lowdown on Facebook's latest AI-powered tool.

4 Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce Customer Experience In 2023
Giovanbattista Cimmino
Investing in personalization can help you increase customer engagement, loyalty and conversions, making it a crucial part of any e-commerce strategy. Learn more about this and 3 more ways to improve your ecommerce customer experience.

📊 Measurement & CRO

GA4 is Coming Very Soon: Here's How to Prepare
Mitul Gandhi
Mitul highlights the main GA4 changes, why they’re happening, and what you can do to make the transition to GA4 as smooth as possible.

New Google Analytics item-scoped custom dimensions
Nicole Farley
For standard properties, you can register up to 10 item-specific custom parameters, while Analytics 360 properties allow for up to 25 custom dimensions.

New Google Analytics custom channel groups
Nicole Farley
Accessible to all users, custom channel groups can be employed in custom reports and explorations to obtain both current and historical insights into campaign channels.

Accuracy in digital analytics: What marketers need to know
Alan K'necht
Learn how to better understand analytics data by looking at nuances in data measurement and exploring how analytics tools work.


​Google's March 2023 core update was released on March 15 [Tweet]
​​Google Search Central
​Google has announced the release of the March 2023 core update. The rollout may take up to 2 weeks to complete. They'll update their ranking release history page when the rollout is complete.

Confirmed: the new Bing runs on OpenAI’s GPT-4
​​Microsoft Bing
​​Microsoft confirms that the new Bing is running on GPT-4, which they've customized for search: "If you’ve used the new Bing preview at any time in the last five weeks, you’ve already experienced an early version of this powerful model."

​How to get started with an SEO site audit
​​​Olga Zarr
​​​Running a site audit is all about knowing what to look for and where to look for it. Since some sites can have tens of thousands of pages (or even more), this task can be quite a challenge for SEOs and site owners. Learn with Olga how to start with this comprehensive guide.

Marketing Jobs

Free(mium) Tools

Reverse Contact: Turn emails into qualified leads
Reverse Contact
No more wasted time and effort trying to figure out which business value is behind a personal email.

Privacy-first Web Analytics with SEAL Metrics

Track 100% of conversions & traffic without tracking people. NO cookies, NO digital fingerprinting Analytics. Legal Peace of Mind.

SEAL Metrics™️ is a Cookieless Tracking Solution for Marketing teams who need to see all conversions per source, campaign, medium, keyword to optimize their campaigns.

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