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  • Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [July 17, 2023]

Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [July 17, 2023]

Don't miss any worthy digital marketing news, resources & jobs

MarketingFOMO July 17 2023 Edition

Let’s go through the latest in content marketing, online advertising, social media, ecommerce, analytics, conversion, and more in digital marketing news, resources, tools, and jobs…

📝 Content Marketing

How To Collaborate With Local Influencers To Drive Global B2B Content Marketing Success
Adriana Stein
Wondering how you can use B2B influencer marketing to drive global and international content marketing success? Get the full overview here!

Facts Won’t Cut It: How To Use Point of View Architecture To Create Trust
Robert Rose
Today, facts alone won’t suffice. How do you give your audience something to care about? Take a look.

Build a Sustainable Content Practice With This 5-Point Blueprint
Natalie Dunbar
Here’s a five-point content strategy practice blueprint to help you build the best content for your business.

📣 Ads

How to track Performance Max campaigns with Google Apps Script
Andrew Wirtz
Learn how to work around PMax's limited reporting and insights using a script to pull data on Google Ads campaign spend breakout.

10 ways to revolutionize your PPC game with GPT
Nicola Agius
The biggest threat to you job isn't AI – it's other marketers who have figured out how to use AI to their advantage.

How to deliver PPC results to executives: Get out of the weeds
Ann Robison
Tailoring your delivery to your audience is crucial for any communication. Learn three ways to ensure your next presentation goes smoothly.

Repetitive ads ‘damage brand reputation and purchase intent’
Nicola Agius
A new study is warning marketers to ensure they only work with partners who have technology to control ad frequency.

👍 Social

Threads is adding branded content tools to create paid promotion opportunities
Nicola Agius
Marketers are eager to reach the Threads audience but with ads not yet an option, could influencer campaigns be the next best thing?

Threads and Spill: Can These New Apps Dethrone Twitter?
Lestraundra Alfred
Twitter's challenges have been highly publicized, but the app is now facing an obstacle it’s never encountered — competition. Here’s how the launch of rival apps Spill and Meta’s Threads could impact the future of Twitter.

134 Social Media Statistics You Need To Know For 2023
Annabelle Nyst
We've rounded up over 130 social media statistics that are useful and informative to represent the 4.8 billion social media users worldwide.

💡 Did your Rankings Suddenly Drop?

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💸 ECommerce

Amazon Prime Day 2023 sets U.S. sales record: $12.7 billion
Nicola Agius
Amazon Prime Day 2023 broke records as customers spent more money than ever on 375 million products worldwide.

Ecommerce PPC: 4 optimizations to do before the holiday season
Menachem Ani
Learn how to approach four outside-of-Google, ecommerce PPC optimizations that will boost your chances of success this holiday season

Maximizing brand impact with Amazon’s video advertising: A comprehensive guide
Evan Facinger
Here's the lowdown on Amazon's video advertising solutions and how to leverage them to reach your target audience and drive conversions.

📊 Conversion Optimization & Measurement

GA4 Legal In Europe Following New Data Privacy Framework
Matt G. Southern
New EU-US data privacy framework brings legal clarity for Google Analytics 4 in Europe; companies still accountable for compliance.

5 Google Analytics 4 ‘flaws’ that you can use to your advantage
Alan K'necht
Alan explains how despite many marketers believe GA4 falls short in quite a few areas, these perceived issues are actually positive improvements.

10 Great Google Analytics Alternatives
Julie Joyce
They may not be as robust as Google Analytics but sometimes you just want something quick and easy. Here are some tried and tested tools.


Google sued for allegedly stealing content, data to train AI products
Nicola Agius
The lawsuit will cause copyright concerns amongst marketers who are increasingly turning to AI products to generate media assets.

How I Took my Ecommerce Brand to Over £10k/month and Beyond from SEO
Freddie Chatt
Take a look at Freddie’s WooCommerce SEO case study, going through the steps and tactics used to grow his brand's monthly revenue to £10k+.

​The Story of Blocking 2 High-Ranking Pages With Robots.txt
Patrick Stox
​Patrick blocked two of Ahrefs's ranking pages using robots.txt. He shares how they lost a position "here or there", as well as all of the featured snippets for the pages... but the world didn’t end.

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💼 Marketing Jobs

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⚒️ Free Marketing Tools

AI Powered Cold Emails & LinkedIn Messages In One Click. Instantly generate highly personalized emails based on your prospect’s website, blog posts, social media profiles and more!

Claude V2
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That’s a lot of digital marketing for this week! Until the next one, with another edition of MarketingFomo 🔭 

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