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Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [Jan 8, 2024]

Don't miss any worthy digital marketing news, resources & jobs

MarketingFOMO January 8, 2024 Edition

Let’s go through the latest in content marketing, online advertising, social media, influencers, creators and more in digital marketing news, resources, tools, and jobs…

📝 Content Marketing

AI Content Detection: Bard Vs ChatGPT Vs Claude
Roger Montti
Researchers observe varying capabilities of AI content detection, highlights possible new directions for identifying AI generated content.

​SEO-Driven Content Architecture — Whiteboard Friday [Video]
Adriana Stein
Does all of your content come together in a structure that allows it to be scaled? Learn how to grow your rankings, and drive conversions by creating SEO-driven content architecture.

The Three Pillars Of Content Marketing Strategy
Robert Rose
Learn about the 5 categories of activities that form the backbone of this model, providing insights into the tested and proven framework for content marketing success.

📣 Ads

Better PPC account health in 2024: How to avoid modern pitfalls and wasted spend
Nicola Agius
Discover the costliest PPC campaign mistakes from industry veteran Melissa Mackey and learn how to fix them for optimal results.

Updates to Gambling and games policy (January 2024)
Google Advertising
In January 2024, the Google Ads Gambling and games policy United States country-specifics will be updated. They’ll begin to accept and run ads for sports betting from state-approved entities in Delaware.

How to combine GA4 and Google Ads for powerful paid search results
Nicola Agius
Tips and tricks for getting the most out of the new version of Google Analytics to maximize your Google Ads budget and performance.

Meet ‘Link History,’ Facebook’s New Way to Track the Websites You Visit
Thomas Germain
Facebook introduces a confusing new setting as the walls close in on Zuckerberg’s data machine.

👍 Social

How to Build a Social Media Growth Strategy That Works [2024]
​​​Christina Newberry
Follow this guide for actionable tactics that will help you reach new levels of social media growth in 2024.

Your 2024 TikTok marketing calendars are here
Read to find out how to download a tailored 2024 TikTok marketing calendar for your region.

Could TikTok be Amazon's new rival?
​​​Don-Alvin Adegeest
ByteDance-owned TikTok is set to expand its US e-commerce business aggressively, targeting sales of up to 17.5 billion dollars in 2024.

Building a winning Facebook and Instagram strategy for 2024
​​​Nicola Agius
These seven-step frameworks can help you create effective lead generation and ecommerce strategies on Meta platforms.

Need input for your 2024 SEO Strategy?

Conductor surveyed over 400 respondents about their SEO Strategy for next year.

Learn what they're focusing on, how disruptive they expected Google's SGE roll out will be and much more!

😎 Creators & Influencers

Influencer marketing is changing in 2024! everybody listen up [Thread]
​​​Kemi Marie
Increase in gifting, an increase in UGC as there’s a big appetite for it, more short-term contracts with max of 3-6 months due to variability in influencers socials, and more!

7 Things Brands Should Consider Before Collaborating With an Influencer
​​​Oliver Goulden
Influencers of all sizes can help brands meet a new audience in 2024. Here are top things to consider before starting.

How To Harness AI For Influencer Marketing
​​​Danielle Wiley
As AI continues to reshape the landscape of influencer marketing, it presents brands with both opportunities and challenges.

Yeti CMO on how he’ll never cede control to ‘the whims of influencers and celebs’
​​​Hannah Bowler
The Texas-based outdoor brand doesn’t give freebies to the famous or pay lifestyle influencers to promote its products. Instead, says marketing boss Paulie Dery, it partners with interesting personalities embedded in the communities it supports.


​Google’s John Mueller On AI-Generated Images & Stock Photography
Kristi Hines
​Google's John Mueller shares some thoughts with the SEO community on the impact of AI-generated images vs. stock photos on user experience.

Google's top 4 (SEO) trends and stories from 2023
Google Search Central
​John goes through the top topics that trended in SEO in 2023: Technical SEO, search quality algorithms, AI and machine learning and structured data.

Google’s John Mueller On Keyword Domain Names And Branding For SEO
Kristi Hines
​Do keyword domain names offer an advantage in Google Search? Find out if this is something to consider in 2024.

💼 Digital Marketing Jobs

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⚒️ Free Tools

Free Privacy Policy & Terms of Service Generator
Generate a free privacy policy and terms of service for your website.

EntityMatcher: Automate Your Data Cleaning
Match, transform, or categorize data without manual effort or brittle rules that need to be constantly maintained.

Youtube Looper
Youtube Looper
Loop any youtube video or youtube music song.

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That’s a lot of digital marketing for this week! Until the next one, with another edition of MarketingFomo 🔭 

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