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  • Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [Jan 29, 2024]

Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [Jan 29, 2024]

Don't miss any worthy digital marketing news, resources & jobs

MarketingFOMO January 29, 2024 Edition

Let’s go through the latest in content marketing, online advertising, social media, influencers, creators and more in digital marketing news, resources, tools, and jobs…

📝 Content Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Conducting a Content Audit — Step-by-Step Process for Optimizing Your Website's Content
Nikola Baldikov
Here's why it's important to conduct a content audit — and a step-by-step guide on how to do it effectively.

Maximizing ChatGPT For Comprehensive Content Creation
Gabriella Sannino
Discover the power of ChatGPT for content creation in this in-depth exploration. See how integrating ChatGPT with SEO tools, CMS, and social media platforms can revolutionize content strategies, enhance efficiency, and elevate engagement.

How Short Videos & User-Generated Content Impacts Marketing
Matt G. Southern
Short-form, user-generated video content surges as a key marketing strategy, demanding strategic investment and planning for businesses.

📣 Ads

Google Ads Sends Suspension Email Threats For Non-Compliant GDPR Consent Banners
Barry Schwartz
Google is now sending emails to publishers, app owners and others if their sites and apps are not compliant for GDPR EU User Consent Policy.

Google Ads AI Conversational Experience Now Available To Globally In English
Barry Schwartz
Google has officially and fully launched the Google Ads AI conversational experience to all advertisers globally in English. Plus, it is now using Gemini, Google's latest multimodal generative AI model.

13 Google Ads Tips for Better Results in 2024
Sydney Go
Maximize your Google Ads success in 2024. Learn cutting-edge tips to boost your campaigns‘ effectiveness.

How to make PPC work for SMBs
Ashton Clarke
Learn PPC strategies to help SMBs compete with larger companies through smart targeting, bidding, and optimization for maximum ROI.

75% of top brands fall victim to fraud in Google Search Ads
Nicola Agius
Google is being urged to do more in safeguarding brands' reputations and preventing online shoppers from becoming victims of fraud.

👍 Social

Meta steps up data privacy measures in Europe amid targeted ad concerns
Nicola Agius
Facebook and Instagram users will soon start receiving notifications prompting them to make choices regarding the sharing of their data.

TikTok spotted testing 30-minute uploads as it continues to inch into YouTube’s territory
Aisha Malik
TikTok is coming for YouTube. The company has been spotted testing the ability for users to upload 30-minute videos.

LinkedIn to sunset lookalike audiences
Nicola Agius
The platform recommends adjusting your audience targeting strategy to either predictive audiences or audience expansion.

Setting Goals For Social Media And Making Them SMART
Jenny Li Fowler
Master the art of goal-setting for social media with ease with this guide. Learn how to effortlessly guide clients by creating SMART objectives for an effective online presence.

Introducing Wix’s new Zapier integration

Wix’s native Zapier integration has had a revamp. Creating automations is now a lot more intuitive.

This integration lets users connect their sites with more than 6K apps directly in Zapier, using triggers linked to Wix business solutions like Forms, Stores, Bookings, Events and more.

All it takes is a few clicks to start parsing data between a Wix site and the likes of: Google Sheets, Hubspot and ActiveCampaign, and it can all be done without one line of code.

😎 Creators & Influencers

10 metrics to track influencer marketing success in 2024
Ayush Sood
Track these influencer marketing metrics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How to Measure B2B Influencer Marketing ROI
Joshua Nite
Influencer marketing needs to have measurement built into the strategy. Here’s how you can get the right data to prove ROI.


​Google Search Drops Cache Link From Search Results (How To See The Cache)
​Barry Schwartz
​After a couple of months of testing, it seems Google has now removed the cache link from the search results page. It's no longer seen but that doesn't mean you cannot access to cache, you can.

​Google's John Mueller: No One Can Guarantee Traffic
​Barry Schwartz
​Google's John Mueller answered someone on X: "Nobody can guarantee you traffic, sorry." This was in response to an SEO saying his boss wants to know if they change something on the site, will it increase traffic or not.

​Dear Warhammer, let’s talk about SEO, JavaScript, and website migrations
​Gianluca Fiorelli
​​What can SEOs learn from analyzing the migration of games-workshop.com to warhammer.com, and the re-platforming to a JavaScript framework of the website? Gianluca goes through it in this comprehensive guide.

💼 Digital Marketing Jobs

Do you want to feature a digital marketing job here? Just send it to me over here.

⚒️ Free Tools

Layerpath - Create interactive demos in minutes 
Capture and convert your screen recordings into product tours, step-by-step guides, and videos.

Jingle Bio - Portfolio website for Digital Creatives
Jingle Bio
Create a dynamic, personal website that showcases your passions, creations, and your unique personality.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Experts to Follow

​​Follow these amazing SEOs for their participation and support in the first SEOFOMO Meetup in Barcelona:

  • Natalia Witczyk (X/Twitter, LinkedIn), CEO & International SEO Consultant at Mosquita Digital

  • Sara Fernández Carmona (X/Twitter, LinkedIn), Senior SEO Analyst at dentsu

  • Gemma Fontané (X/Twitter, LinkedIn), Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Orvit Digital & Founder denadal.cat

  • Estela Franco (X/Twitter, LinkedIn), Web Performance Specialist at Schneider Electric

  • Nicole Ponce (X/Twitter, LinkedIn), Influencer Marketing Team Lead at Semrush

Expect more awesome digital marketers to follow every week. Do you have any suggestions? Please let me know over X/Twitter, Threads, or LinkedIn.

💎 Feedback & Sponsorships?

If you want to give me any heads up on worthy digital marketing resources to include next week, or want to be featured, to sponsor, or any other feedback regarding MarketingFomo, just send me a message over here.

That’s a lot of digital marketing for this week! Until the next one, with another edition of MarketingFomo 🔭 

Aleyda Solis - SEO Consultant

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