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  • Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [August 28, 2023]

Your Digital Marketing News with MarketingFOMO 🔭 [August 28, 2023]

Don't miss any worthy digital marketing news, resources & jobs

MarketingFOMO August 28 2023 Edition

Let’s go through the latest in content marketing, online advertising, social media, ecommerce, analytics, conversion, and more in digital marketing news, resources, tools, and jobs…

📝 Content Marketing

Modern Content Marketing: Your New Growth Flywheel
Amanda Natividad
Amanda shares about modern content marketing, the one that may or may not leverage an SEO strategy. Learn more here!

​Content Fragmentation: The Quick and Easy Way to Content Ideation
Andy Chadwick
​Andy explains what's content fragmentation: a swift, no-fuss tactic to churn out fresh content ideas. Learn how to simplify your ideation process and boost your content game with it.

Copy this Secret Framework To Turn Any Blog into a REVENUE-MAKING Machine [Infographic]
Jess Joyce
This is the exact structure Jess has used to grow an edu SaaS from 100k to 260k users within a year. Bookmark it now!

📣 Ads

3 steps for effective PPC reporting and analysis
Ashton Clarke
An overview of how to make your reports on digital channels more useful and impactful for clients or stakeholders.

Google is upgrading Vehicle Ads to Performance Max
Nicola Agius
The upgrade will enable advertisers to connect with customers across more touchpoints in their shopping journey.

How to Do a PPC Audit in 10 Steps
Kari Dearie
Auditing your PPC campaigns helps maximize your return on investment. Here’s a comprehensive 10-step guide to conducting a PPC audit.

TikTok search ads are here
Nicola Agius
TikTok has introduced the Search Ads Toggle, which will show your ads among the organic video search results for relevant queries.

👍 Social

The web version of Threads is finally here
Karissa Bell
If you've been impatiently refreshing, it's time to check again.

YouTube Announces Music Industry Partnerships For Responsible AI Development
Kristi Hines
YouTube hopes to lead future AI-powered creativity with music industry partnerships to develop responsible AI models that protect artists.

7 Best Instagram Planning Apps For Stress-Free Marketing
Alyssa Hirose
Instagram planning apps can save you time and money — and make your work week a lot less hectic. Here are the top tools you should consider.

Meta launches own AI code-writing tool: Code Llama
Emilia David
Meta said Code Llama will make it easier to finish code.

Mark Zuckerberg’s new return-to-office mandate is a clear problem, says Harvard expert: It’ll cause a ‘huge amount of distrust’
Ashton Jackson
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg used to be pro-remote work. His company's backtracking reveals a serious leadership problem, says a Harvard University expert.

💡 Improve Your SEO with The Free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Improve Your SEO with The Free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

A free way to improve your website’s SEO performance and get more traffic from search.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools lets you run automated site audits, check your backlinks and see what keywords your pages are ranking for.

💸 ECommerce

How Customers Shop on Amazon [Semrush Study]
Shannon O‘Shea
Sharpen your Amazon business with insights into customer behavior, including browsing habits, purchases, and cart abandonment. Read the study here.

5 things ecommerce advertisers can do with first-party data
Kevin Rea
Learn five fundamental actions you can take to make the most out of first-party data in your ecommerce ad accounts.

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