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  • Your Digital Marketing News with #MarketingFOMO 🔭 [Apr 24, 2023]

Your Digital Marketing News with #MarketingFOMO 🔭 [Apr 24, 2023]

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The April 24 2023 Edition of #MarketingFOMO 🔭 is here

📝 Content Marketing

10 Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2023
Andy Betts
Ten trends for content marketers to watch this year, from AI Growth to Content, Search, And SEO Fusion. Learn about them here.

How to Fit AI Into Your Content Marketing Strategy [+ Its Biggest Pitfalls], According to Jasper's Head of Enterprise Marketing
Erin Rodrigue
Erin spoke with Samyutha Reddy, Head of Enterprise Marketing at Jasper, to learn how to fit generative AI into your content marketing strategy, and the pitfalls to avoid.

Monetizing Your Content Strategy: Insights for B2B and B2C Brands
Kara Parlin
If you don’t yet have the data behind your own organization’s ROI calculations, these stats can help you make a compelling argument to stakeholders that content marketing is worth the investment.

What Is First Point Of Contact Marketing (FPOCM)?
Gabriella Sannino
Discover the basics of FPOC, examples of FPOC in marketing, and ways to use it in your marketing efforts in this comprehensive post by Gabriella.

📣 Ads

Generative AI coming soon to Google Ads
Nicole Farley
Google is set to integrate generative artificial intelligence into its advertising business to generate ads by remixing creative content (images, videos, text) to target specific audiences and meet campaign objectives.

Google Ads Update: Enhanced GA4 Conversion Imports
Matt G. Southern
Google Ads now supports importing fractional, cross-channel conversion credits from GA4 properties.

Google To Advertisers: Upgrade To New Search Ads 360 By 2024
Kristi Hines
Google announced the latest improvements to Search Ads 360 and encouraged advertisers to transition to the new platform before April 2024.

15-day Amazon PPC Optimization Strategy
From understanding the workflow to setting the right PPC goal and daily optimization activities, learn to develop a 15-day PPC Amazon focused optimization strategy in this guide.

How to set your Facebook and Instagram advertising budgets for maximum results
Andrea Vahl
Here's what to consider when setting budgets for your Facebook and Instagram ads, plus tips for testing and scaling your campaigns.

👍 Social

Meta has reportedly stopped pitching advertisers on the metaverse
Will Gendron
In pitch meetings, the company has reportedly been prioritizing Reels and AI tools. The move comes as the firm has moved away from its metaverse ambitions over the past few months.

Marketing Chiefs Talk Digital vs. Linear, Tighter Budgets and Scoring Viral Successes: ‘TikTok is Ground Zero Right Now’
Cynthia Littleton
“When it comes to entertainment marketing, TikTok is the new “ground zero.“ That was among the views expressed by a panel of five top film and TV marketing executives held as part of Variety’s Entertainment Marketing Summit.

How to Create a Social Media Content Marketing Strategy (That Works)
Jesse Sumrak
Your social media content marketing strategy outlines how you’ll use social networking to create and distribute content—but that’s not the end goal. Learn why and how to build a successful one in this guide.

Here's how to claim your cut of Meta's $725 million Cambridge Analytica class action settlement
Igor Bonifacic
If you used Facebook between May 2007 and December 2022 and lived in the US during that time, you’re eligible to get cash from the settlement.

Meta has started its latest round of layoffs, focusing on technical employees
Jonathan Vanian
As part of Meta’s layoffs announced last month, the company has started saying goodbye to some people in technical roles.

8 Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Professional Instagram Profile
Aleksandra Sasha Tikhomirova
Having a professional Instagram profile is essential for businesses to establish a strong online presence. Learn how to optimize it with these 8 fundamental tips.

Instagram now allows up to 5 “links in bio”
Nicole Farley
To use the feature, tap “Edit profile,” then “Links,” then “Add eternal link.” You can then drag and drop the links in the order you want them to appear.

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💸 ECommerce

Ecommerce Returns: 10 Best Practices for Taking Your Online Store to the Next Level
Astaeka Pramuditya
Want to create a returns process that’s ideal for both your ecommerce website and customers? Learn how in this guide.

Content Best Practices – Ecommerce SEO Strategy Guide
Reuben Yau
When creating an ecommerce SEO strategy, you need to identify different page types and take advantage of all the optimization options the ecommerce platform provides.

Google Shopping: 5 Ways AI Can Increase Ecommerce Sales & Profit
Heather Campbell
Learn ways to integrate Google Shopping into your marketing strategy, improve your ROAS and work smarter than your competition.

​The Best Product Category Page Optimization Checklist You’ll Find On The Internet
Daniel K Cheung
Your ecommerce product category pages play an essential role in your online store customer journey, Daniel has created a comprehensive checklist to help you optimize them without leaving anything out.

📊 Measurement & CRO

57 Stories To Learn About Conversion Optimization
Hackernoon Learn
Let's learn about Conversion Optimization via these 57 free stories.

Safari tightens grip on third-party interactions
Nicole Farley
Advertisers say the change creates a lot of blind spots and a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Top 22 Key Benefits of Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
Russell Ketchum
From reporting UI customization to BigQuery integration, Russell has listed 22 benefits of using Google Analytics 4, so you install it and start making the most out of it now.

4 new Google Analytics 4 Home page features
Nicole Farley
Google has added a new welcome tutorial, made changes to the Suggested for you section and more.


​Google Search Console To Drop Page Experience Report, Mobile Usability Report & Mobile-Friendly Tests
​Barry Schwartz
​Google will deprecate the page experience report within Google Search Console, the mobile usability report, and the mobile-friendly testing tool, however, they said this deprecation is not because mobile-friendly and usability are not important.

Here Is What Changed With The Google Helpful Content Guidance - Page Experience & More
​Barry Schwartz
Google announced it made some changes to its guidance around what makes content considered helpful, including adding in good page experience to the equation. Google also made some other changes to this document, which Barry details here.

​Google Introduces New Crawler To Optimize Googlebot’s Performance
​​Matt G. Southern
​Google introduced GoogleOther, a new web crawler, to optimize operations, streamline R&D tasks, and reduce strain on Googlebot.

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Hold to Tweet
A useful Chrome extension to prevent accidental tweets. Press and hold the tweet button for 5s, adding a moment of reflection.

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