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Your Digital Marketing News with #MarketingFOMO 🔭 [Apr 17, 2023]

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The April 17 2023 Edition of #MarketingFOMO 🔭 is here

📝 Content Marketing

How Nathan Barry 2x His Revenue With A Dead-Simple (And Absolutely Brilliant) Content Strategy [Thread]
Kuba shares how launching an exclusive info-product helped Convertkit Academy build anticipation and add urgency to boost excitement and 2x revenue.

7 Content Writing Trends For 2023
Ron Lieback
Discover the top seven content writing trends this year and learn how to optimize your website's content for maximum engagement and ROI.

What Is Demand Generation? - FAQs
Gaetano DiNardi
Is demand generation the same as lead generation? In this guide, Gaetano clears up the confusion with an updated definition of demand generation and the components of a successful demand generation strategy.

5 Ways To Transform Your Testimonials Into Powerful Marketing Assets [Thread]
Marketing Max
This thread explains how to transform your testimonials into powerful marketing assets. Getting quality social proof can be difficult, but being specific when asking for testimonials and using open-ended questions can help.

📣 Ads

It’s time to register for Google Marketing Live: May 23, 2023
Google Ads
Google’s annual event showcasing the latest ads product innovations, is almost here. Register now to get a virtual front-row seat on May 23, at 9 a.m. PT.

5 tips for creating a high-converting PPC landing page
Chelsea So
Achieve fast gains – think: sales, higher profitability, stronger campaign results – by increasing your landing page conversion rates. Here’s how!

How to glean insights from impression share to boost PPC performance
Anthony Tedesco
Impression share metrics let you identify meaningful optimizations for your paid search campaigns. Here's how to calculate them at scale.

👍 Social

Meta faces ‘morale crisis’ as top execs work from other countries during layoffs: report
Thomas Barrabi
Meta is reportedly in the midst of a “morale crisis,” with employees grumbling over the fact that many senior executives — Mark Zuckerberg among them — are working remotely from far-flung locales as the tech giant imposes mass layoffs.

Meta Regains Some of its Mojo for Marketers Thanks to AI Tool Advantage+
Catherine Perloff
Some marketers are moving spend from TikTok to Meta, after a lackluster year, especially compelled by the performance of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, an AI-driven tool that optimizes ads across audiences and ad formats.

Social Media SWOT Analysis: How to Run One + Tips for 2023
Christina Newberry
Pin down your unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by running a simple social media SWOT analysis.

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy In 10 Steps
Digital Journal Blog
A well-crafted social media marketing plan can assist businesses in achieving their desired target audience, building brand credibility and trustworthiness, as well as fostering long-lasting customer relationships. Here are the steps to take.

💡 Your Guide to an Effective SEO Content Brief

Creating high-quality SEO content with a strong content brief is hard enough. Creating high-quality content from a half-baked or incomplete content brief is nearly impossible. That’s why we’re saving you time—and several headaches—with our definitive content brief template and step-by-step guide.

Give it a read and learn how to create content briefs that will:

  • Foster collaboration across teams

  • Standardize your content creation and request processes

  • Reduce the dreaded feedback loop

  • Ensure content is optimized to drive relevant traffic from the start

Check out our in-depth guide, put the downloadable template to use, and build a truly scaleable content creation process.

💸 ECommerce

5 Effective PPC Strategies for Ecommerce Campaigns
Marketing Insider Group
Use these five PPC strategies to improve your ecommerce assets’ visibility, drive prospects to those assets, and boost conversions over time.

Everything you need to sell B2B online in 2023
There’s no better time to expand into a market five times bigger than DTC. Learn how to start, grow, and scale your wholesale business the right way in this hands-on guide from Shopify.

How to start an ecommerce business
Kayla Hollatz
Find out how easy it can be to turn a product idea into a booming ecommerce business with this comprehensive guide by Kayla.

📊 Measurement & CRO

What's Our Website Conversion Rate? How To Answer This To Your CEO Without Providing The Blended Conversion Rate For The Entire Website. [Thread]
Gaetano DiNardi
Gaetano explains how to break down the different traffic sources with their purposes and how to measure each relevant metrics to effectively track success.

[GA4] About Conversion Counting Method
Google Analytics
You can now change the counting method for conversions in GA4—a new once-per-session option (similar to how Universal Analytics worked).

How To Get Your Audience To Give Their Data for Personalized Content
Jodi Harris
In the no-cookie era, you will still possess vital customer insights from your first-party data. However, you won’t have access to their actions and behaviors outside your brand’s content ecosystem. Here’s what to do about it.


​Google releases April 2023 reviews update
​Danny Goodwin
​Google has released the April 2023 reviews update while changing the name of its “product reviews system” to “reviews system” and altering the language in multiple parts of its guidance documentation around product reviews to now apply to all types of reviews.

​Google planning new search engine while working on new search features under Project Magi
​​Barry Schwartz
​Google is in the process of building an “all-new search engine” powered by its new A.I. technology while at the same time working on adding new A.I.-based features to its current search engine under the project name Magi.

​Google is simplifying Video Presentation On Google Search Results
​​Google Search Central
​Google has updated its video thumbnail results so that they only appear next to Google search results when the video is the main content of a page.

💡 Master SEO Basics with a free course from Ahrefs

Spend two hours of your time and take your SEO knowledge to the next level. Ahrefs’ SEO Beginner course will teach you how to properly do keyword research, on-page SEO, and link building to rank higher in search engines.

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